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July 15, 2011

okay I'm totally official UNIVERSITY SELANGOR student, hahaha okay funny is orientation like 5 day but I only survive for 2 day and the half , why? okay hahaha it kinda funny story actually, well since no body from UNISEL shah alam know me in this blog so, hahaha okay hahaha okay hahaha okay okay thing is the orientation is 5 day and before go to unisel I can't sleep so like 3 day I don't get a beauty sleep so, all activities at UNISEL are ALL DAY from 3 am wake up till 1 am back to hostel so, can you Imagen that how tired I'm? but all senior/fasy is cool and fun. just they have problem with stay in line all the time hahaha believe me its annoying and it make me think I in second gred or something ;p by the way duuh its unisel they don't really make us do all the physical thing like other college and university :) thanks God for that so back to my story well the hostel Ya Allah next sem I'll try my best to find a room okay. hehehe *ada pengacau* so day 3 I woke up like always and my head being like woooooooooooooooooo! I cant stand up and I never feel like that before,so my room mate rushing down to told senior about it, and i don't know why the senior ask me to get down right a way, and yeppp with every one help i made it :)) yeeehh, and the senior drive me to clinic around 5.00 am with 100km/h speed :)) then the doctor said that I have to rest like a lot of rest :)) so Mc for 2 day :)))

P.s and just want to say thanks to all abang abang and kakak kakak senior yang membantu :)) 

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