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February 4, 2012

salam, well tonight I want to share something,well someone actually :) he my new friends from UNISEL (my university name) well I knew him since last semester actually but we not even say hi to each other. he always will all guys friends and I never see or hear he talk to ladies last semester. well this semester he kinda one of my great friends now :) we in the same class well ALL subject! and of course we always talk,I always seat beside him  in macroeconomic and management class and shared sweet all the time but most of all its always me offer him and he always ask for a sweet every time he feel sleepy and boring in class -_____-! anyway,, OMG! how rude I not even mention his name, well his name is HAFEEZ, he from RAWANG, birthday every year on 10 march. well first time I get to know him, I think he kinda smart shy nerd guy thing, but then I WRONG! he such a naughty and love messing around with me and now he not even shy to talk to ladies ;) , he not that silly kinda thing YET! but yeah he can roll with me ;) he always said that I'm a bad influence to him ;p hahaha well and now he like to tease me about 'sulaiman' well which he one of hafeez friends too, well sulaiman one of my facebook friends we only talk through status comment only, so nothing much but hafeez think it other way -____-'' ( *adoi ini mamat huh!) well that all I want to share it with my blogger :) my new friends :) heheee

p/s: new friends hope this friendship last long :) amin *guys meet hafeez 
single ladies,
xxoo adoraaizi 

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